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For Individuals

Ways to get involved

You’re proud to call the Chicago region home. But you also see that some of your fellow residents are in need of support. Lasting change is only possible when people like you take an active role in their communities. United Way of Metro Chicago offers a multitude of options for you to get involved. From weekly commitments to seasonal opportunities, you can connect with our community partners and help serve your neighbors. Find out how you can make a difference today.

For Corporate Partners

Ways to get involved

Volunteerism is a great way to cultivate team spirit while addressing the issues facing our region. Through our Care Projects, you and your company can help meet your neighbors’ basic needs from your office. For each project, we provide the supplies to build care kits and help facilitate the event for your staff. Options range from literacy kits for kids to kits for families and mothers. If you are a current corporate partner, contact your United Way Relationship Manager to schedule a project.

If you prefer an off-site opportunity, click “next” to learn more.

For Corporate Partners

For the teams that would like to get out of the workplace and into the community, we have a variety of opportunities to work with United Way’s community partners. Projects range from tending a community garden to restocking inventory at a local food pantry—and more.

If you are a current corporate partner, view our volunteer calendar below to register for an off-site volunteer opportunity. If you are interested in becoming a corporate partner, see our prospective corporate partners page for more information or contact dayofcaring@LIVEUNITEDchicago.org.

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After-School All-Stars Chicago

After-School All-Stars Chicago is looking for mentors and coaches both on and off the field. Volunteers are needed to coach students in sports, and to mentor students by helping them develop academic and career goals.

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